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Coopworth sheep, fiber, and knitting supplies.



Our spindles are handcrafted by our oldest son and his grandfather, from solid American cherrywood. Currently he has one size available, weighing 2.7 ounces. It is an excellent beginner spindle, and also works well for an experienced spindler who desires a heavier (i.e., worsted weight) yarn.

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Winterís Past Farm

Learn to Spindle Kit: $25


 Handcrafted spindle

 Book: Spindling: The Basics

 1 oz Coopworth fiber

 1 oz dyed medium wool fiber

Top-Whorl Spindle: $14


Crafted carefully by hand, using solid American cherrywood for the whorl and shaft. Shaft is 12 inches long; diameter is 3.25 inches.