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Coopworth sheep, fiber, and knitting supplies.


About Coopworth Sheep

Excellent at Fiber Production.

Coopworth sheep produce a lustrous high-yield, long-wool fleece that is prized by hand spinners for its ease of spinning.† It is especially suited to beginner spinners due to the long staple of 5 to 8 inches.† The sheep come in a range of colors, including white, pewter, chocolate and black. Average fleece weight (before skirting) is 10 to 16 pounds.

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Excellent at Meat Production.

Coopworth lambs show impressive average daily gains on grass and motherís milk alone: a desired trait as grain continues to increase in price.† With a long body and flat loin, the sheep produce a good carcass with meat that is lean and mildly flavored.

Well-known for ease of care.

Thanks to their medium-size, sturdy frame and quiet disposition, Coopworth sheep are easy to handle.† The breed exhibits high lambing percentages and excellent mothering instincts, resulting in a good survival rate for lambs.† Due to a good rate of gain on motherís milk and grass, Coopworths are ideally-suited to pasture-based systems.† An above-average resistance to foot rot contributes to their low maintenance needs.

Coopworth sheep were developed in New Zealand, starting in the 1950s, by Dr. Ian Coop. He crossed Border Leicester rams and Romney ewes initially, and then used production records to select for adaptability and dual-purpose performance. The progeny were recognized as a separate breed in the 1960s, with their own breed standard. Our sheep are registered with the American Coopworth Registry.